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Duration: 5-6 days

Maximum depth: 45 meters

Price: 850 €

Gases not included

You’ll be able to utilize (as a primary gas) gas mixtures of air/helium ( TRIMIX ) not exceeding a PO2 = 1.4 ATA and oxygen-enriched mixes up to 100% (percent) as decompression gas.

What will you learn?

Provides the necessary skills and knowledge for planning and conducting decompression dives to a maximum depth of 45 m/150 ft. This is a preparation course before Tec 2 course.

Training covers the following topics:

•    Decompression models
•    Decompression sickness (DCS)
•    Decompression dive planning
•    Use of enriched oxygen mixtures
•    Gas requirements
To execute decompression dives one decompression cylinder is utilized.

Special gear for practice TEC 1

  • Primary regulator;
  • secondary regulator;
  • 2 computers or 1 computer and gage;
  • wet note;
  • wing;
  • backplate and harness;
  • stage regulators.

Dive sites to take TEC 1 course

General requirements:

•    Be at least 18 years old;
•    Be certified < Advanced Deep Diver, Advanced Nitrox diver , Rescue Diver levels > (or equivalent);
•    Be pre-assessed before enrolling in the course (all the requirements are listed in the ProTec Standards and Procedures to this course).

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