TEC 1 Sidemount Diver

TEC 1 Sidemount Diver


Duration: 4-5 days

Maximum depth: 45 meters

Designed for experienced side mount divers. Provides the skills and knowledge of scuba diving with a side mount configuration, it’s a configuration where you carry more your tanks at your sides.

The intention of this course is to arrange safely extreme deep dives (concerns sport dive range) by means of professional training and equipments. Different inhalation gases are going to be used in each dive: Normoxic Trimix (21% oxygen) as basic breathing gas and EANx for deco and as “Travel mix”. Optional pure Oxygen from 6 m up.

Skills and topics of this course include:

•    Learning the SM configuration;
•    Conditions for using the SM configuration;
•    SM configuration usage procedures and methods;
•    Advantages and disadvantages of using this configuration.

Dive sites to take TEC 1 Sidemount Diver course:

  • minimum age is 18 years
  •  be certified the Advanced Deep Diver , Advanced Nitrox Diver ( or equivalent );
  • have a minimum of 50 registered side mount dives;
  • passing of a prior assessment for starting the course (all requirements are specified in ProTec standards and procedures for this course)