Extended Range Diver

Extended Range Diver


Duration: 4 days

Maximum depth: 50 meters


The intention of this course is to dive deep safely by means of professional training and equipment. Two different inhaled gases at least are going to be used in each dive: Air as basic breathing gas and EANx during deco- levels. Ist important to get along with the more bulky equipment.
This course adresses to these divers who want to extend their skills within controlled and safe circumstances on air. It is no "mass course" that has to be done by everyone. It is - as well as the Normoxic Trimix course - a preparation for the Advanced Trimix Course.

•    Be at least 16 years old;
•    Be certified the Deep Diver or Nitrox Diver level (or equivalent);
•    Be pre-assessed before enrolling in the course.