Cavern Diver

Cavern Diver


Duration: 3 days (4 dives)

Get skills and knowledge for cavern and overhead environment diving within the limits of light penetration.

This course offers adequate knowledge for cavern diving (cavern diver course) and very basic knowledge for cave diving. The risk can be minimized just through the combination of the right education together with the suitable and correct equipment, so that this risk can be calculated to make cavern diving an interesting diving sport.

  • Primary light
  • backup light
  • cutting tool
  • primary reel
  • Apart from/instead of the standard equipments the following are to be used/carried with:
  • Two independent regulators (2nd tank valve)
  • An octopus
  • Neoprene hoodThe diver should be able to handle all the equipment items, the valves also, without any strange assistance

The cavern diver course is not intended to provide instruction for cave diving environments. The objective of this course is to train divers in the proper planning, procedures, techniques, and hazards of cavern diving.