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Los Cerebros

There is a picturesque cave not far from a small place called Playa San Juan. One of the most interesting dive sites in Tenerife. The beauty and uncommonness of this place captivate even experienced divers. An incredible cave is of volcanic origin. The cave is made of several relatively narrow passages of different height, which were formed because of the instant contact of the liquid lava and seawater. The entrance to the cave is at 10 meters depth and its length is around 90 meters. Outside the cave there are many separate prismatic obelisk pillars. If you take a lantern with you, a great play of light awaits you in the cave. The cave is protected from the surroundings by the column of sea sponges, which are very rare to see in this part of the Atlantic Ocean. Here you can see rays, rockfish, parrotfish, shrimps, crabs and fireworms.

Video of the dive in Los Cerebros (OLA Dive Centre)