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At Ola Diving Centre, we offer customizable packages not only for recreational diving but also for technical diving in Tenerife with more than 50 dive sites. One of the few technical diving facilities in Tenerife, Ola Diving Centre is one of the successful ProTEC dive shops on the island. We provide everything you need to make your dream adventure a reality: TRIMIX, underwater scooters, dry suits etc. Ola Diving Centre has everything you need for a great technical dive, including training, custom charter trips, and equipment sales and rentals. With some of the best dive sites in Europe, our technical divers can explore a variety of wrecks and caves. Enter the Technical Diving section of our website for more information on our technical diving classes, dive sites, and scuba training.

Recreational Diving in Tenerife

Recreational diving is usually known as an entertaining and fun activity for tourists who wants to explore the beauty of the underwater world. From one side – it is true – this kind of diving is designed for leisure and enjoyment. However, from the other side, it is also a science, no matter if it does not require any special equipment or experience. Ola Diving center provides all the necessary courses in order to become a Master Scuba Diver. All of them are taught by instructors certified by worldwide associations. You will be gently guided into scuba world or upgrade your skills with professional assistance.

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