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Wreck Diving in Tenerife, Canary Islands (ships, barges, submarines, airplanes)

ElCondencito 01Tenerife is one of the best places for all type of diving: snorkeling in the open sea with fishes and huge turtles or going in sea depths and discover Atlantic Ocean hidden treasures. Besides that, the island offers you a unique opportunity of wreck diving – exploring the ships – and not only! - buried into the sand and water. That very interesting activity suits to any level divers, from newbies to professionals, and we are very pleased to inform that Ola center provides it. You can do it by your own or with assistance of one of our qualified instructors. Our club gives everything from A to Z: teachers and equipment. You need just to choose the place and set the date.

What is it?

Wreck diving is an unique experience which you cannot have everywhere but Canary Islands are one of the places. It is a recreational type of scuba diving, which will fill you up with new emotions. If you came in Tenerife in order to attend one of our courses, shipwrecks diving will help you to relax and discover amazing Atlantic Ocean landscapes. While diving into the wreck, you will feel like a pirate of Canaries who explores hidden sea treasures. Moreover, you will enjoy magnificent underwater views and pass from the labyrinth of arcs, caverns and grottos accompanied by colorful fishes. Flora and fauna of the ocean is magical – it is a beautiful blend of colors on the background of volcanic architecture.

Tabaiba Shipwreck

One of the best places for this recreational activity in Canaries is Tabaiba Shipwreck situated in Tenerife. It is a 35 meters long wreck and an artificial reef buried deep in the Atlantic Ocean. It was created in order to increase the popularity of scuba and became a paradise for professional divers. Due to its deep location, it gives an opportunity to master the technique and skills. Furthermore, the trip is also very picturesque: you will swim next to fishes, barracudas and octopus and moray eels and explore the live polyps’ garden. For the beginners, it is better to be accompanied by qualified instructor provided by Ola center.

El Condesito Shipwreck and El Meridian exploring

El Condesito Shipwreck suits more for relaxation than for skills mastering – it is a small boat located 15 meters deep in the water, so it is really easy and pleasant journey. El Condesito is a ship naturally buried many years ago, so you can feel like a pirate treasure explorer. Besides plunging into the wreck, you can enjoy magnificent landscape and meet boat habitants: trumpet fish, cuttlefish and many other kinds.

Another unique experience you can get probably only in Tenerife is wreck diving to El Meridian. That is a trip for professional divers – the wreck rested in peace in 30 meters depth. However, every diver dreams of it. The Meridian was deliberately sunk in 2005 as an artificial reef, and is now near Palm Mar. It is an intact wreck located not too deep, which is very easy and safe to explore.

Why to choose wreck diving?

Wreck diving is really unique and pleasant activity and we are happy that our Ola center can provide it. Coming in Tenerife for diving, you are wishing to master your technique and skills and attend professional courses, but Atlantic Ocean has many magnificent landscapes to show. However, you cannot only train and study, you need to relax and explore the dive sites, as long as the island has many of them. Therefore, we strongly advise to find some day to have this nice experience. Ola club will be there for you and provide everything you need: instructors, lessons and equipment. The only thing remaining for you is to enjoy!

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