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Technical Diving in Tenerife, Canary Islands – Ola-Aventura

technical divingMany divers are coming to Tenerife not only for relaxing underwater trip with the nice background but for mastering their technique as well. This island has excellent conditions for that: ocean is quiet most of the year; slight currents, good visibility and volcanic landscape with orange and black corrals created all possibilities to dive deeper below recreational scuba diving limit. 20-24 degrees water allows using wet and dry diving suits as well.

Technical diving: what and for who?

Tec diving needs more organization and self-confidence. Here comes the time, when every scuba diver wishes to extend his recreational limit. Nice views and fauna become boring and most of interesting objects ley dipper then 40 m, or it is necessary to go over the no decompression limit. If you are one of these divers, welcome to the Ola center! We are here for you with our qualified instructors providing technical diving education certified by TDI and NASE for all the levels: from beginner to 90 m. We are happy to help everyone to become a safe technical diver and Tenerife is the best place to start.

Tec diving courses and workshops

Ola club has developed many courses and seminars for technodivers of all levels: from Intro to tech until Advanced Trimix diver. The most important one is our Technical Basics workshop, which is created to show all the equipment and methods of tek diving. In the course, divers will get a knowledge of how to choose and configure all the equipment including different types of gas balloons and learn all the necessary methods of safe diving. The rest of Ola center scuba tech lessons are designed to introduce more techniques and everything about decompression in general and on different depth up to 90 metres. Classes about different types of gas and mixtures are also included in TEK courses. Important notice: in order to proceed on next grade course, you need to first accomplish the basic one and after, step by step, the other levels.

Why to choose technical scuba diving?

Canary Islands is a paradise for divers. Everything is possible here, so why to choose tech dive instead of more easy and relaxing recreational type which will allow you to enjoy magnificent views and fauna of Canaries at the same time? For many people is the challenge that matters – they love to risk and test their limits, some just want to explore the mysterious ocean depths or to experiment with different kind of gas or techniques and some wish to get more knowledge. However, techdive will open you new horizons: you will become a professional diver and sea will be your best friend. It is a difficult but very interesting, unique and challenging adventure – to dive in 60, 90 or even more metres deep into the dark Atlantic Ocean and see the hidden life of the underwater world.

Dive tech with Ola center

We are a certified center, our main purpose is to help you in upgrading your skills and become a professional, and of course, we wish you get a new experience and explore magnificent dive sites, flora, and fauna of Tenerife. Tecdiving is a perfect combo: it allows you to master your diving techniques and discover new ones but to have an amazing trip in ocean depths as well. You are not going just to attend the course by worldwide standards and systems but live a unique underwater journey. Gradually, starting from our basic workshop and finishing with TEK 90, you will become a master.

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