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recreationRecreational diving is usually known as an entertaining and full of fun activity for tourists who wants to explore the beauty of underwater world. From one side, it is true – this kind of diving is designed for leisure and enjoyment. However, from the other side, it is also a science, no matter that it does not require any special equipment or experience. Ola center provides all the necessary courses, in order to become a master. All of them are taught by instructors certified by worldwide associations: PADI, SDI-TDI, IANTD, NSS-CDS and NASE. You will be gently guided in scuba world or upgrade your skills with professional assistance.

Our beginner course

Ola center provides a special program for beginners in order to guide you into the recreational diving universe. If you have no previous experience and wish to enjoy the ocean beauty or to become a diver in the future – that is exactly what you need! During the dive, you will be directly supervised by one of our certified instructors in safe space. A professional diver will always be near, so you can enjoy magnificent underwater landscapes of Canaries without any risk. In the end, if you decide to devote yourself to the magical scuba diving universe, you are welcome to attend our entry-level courses.

Entry-level courses

Both of our entry-level programs are certified by NASA. After completing the Open Water Diver course, you will learn to plan and performe no-decompression dives with a qualified partner up to 20 m and dive guided by instructor, assistant or master. After you can proceed to Advanced course and learn navigation, planning and diving up to recreational limit – 30 m. Moreover, you will master core skills needed for safe and pleasant recreational scuba. After accomplishing entry-level, you are welcome to proceed to the next ones.

Advanced level courses

We have designed four advanced level programs certified by NASE. The most useful one is the Rescue Diver, after which you will be able to provide the first aid, rescue a panic diver, yourself, manage the stress under dangerous conditions, and make an emergency plan. Those knowledges are highly important in recreational scuba diving. The rest of our courses – Master, Divemaster and Instructor - will help you to complete the journey from dive master to instructor. After achieving every program, you will attend a NASE Worldwide certificates. Important notice: Instructor course contains two parts: training (ITP) and evaluation (IE) programs.

Recreational diving: what and for who

Canary Islands is a paradise for recreational scuba lovers. The landscapes of Atlantic Ocean are beautiful: volcanic caves, arc and grottos with colorful corals – the water is warm and calm all year round. Therefore, if you want a picturesque trip with low risk level in depth up to 30 m, this kind is for you. The equipment also makes the journey more easy and relaxing – there is no sidemount tanks, only electronic full or semi closed circuit rebreathes. No matter the depth limit, you can still enjoy many amazing dive sites and wrecks.

Dive with Ola center!

Certified instructors of Ola center are happy to make your Canaries holidays special. If you decided to devote yourself to the magnificent diving world, we will be pleased to guide you gently and teach to dive safe and with pleasure. In case you are already and experienced person, you have a chance to upgrade your skills, learn new techniques and become an instructor certified by NASE. Everything is possible with Ola center especially on Tenerife – one of the best places for underwater world exploring.

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