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Cave Diving in Tenerife, Canary Islands – Enjoy Cavern Diving with Ola-Aventura

DSC03804Tenerife is a mecca for divers. Coming there, you can enjoy any kind of scuba diving and cave is one of them. However, in order to be able to do that, you need to be an experienced diver because many caverns are located in the deep sea starting from 20 metres. But it is really worth it. Ola center is happy to help to upgrade your skills, so you can enjoy amazing dive sites of Canaries and increase your professionalism as a diver. We provide cave diving courses and workshops for every level. With us, you will get all the necessary knowledge: from basic to more specific. Ola club will assist you with everything during the learning process.

Cave diving: what and for who?

This type of scuba diving could look like more recreational and entertaining than tech but in fact, it requires some technical knowledge and safety procedure. First, a cavediver should be familiar with all the special equipment needed (reels and spools, twinsets etc.) and have knowledge about the guide line and diving in low or zero visibility. Moreover, due to the overhead in the caverns, all the diving skills should be mastered to the certain level. However, cave diving is very interesting and challenging activity. It is a difficult journey which allows a diver to exceed his limits but in the same time to see amazing locations and fauna hidden deep in the ocean.

Ola courses and workshops

Ola center has designed several courses and seminars for cavedivers. Cave diving courses start from Cavern diver with the daylight and no further 60 m of penetration, then Intro to Cave Diver level with simple navigation and then Full Cave course with the complex navigation – jumps, gaps and circles. Ola diving center provides certification by TDI, NASE and NSS-CDS. We also have the DPV Pilot lessons and Sidemount program, which will give you a knowledge of side tanks configuration. We recommend accomplishing the entire program step-by-step – starting from the TEK 60 and finishing with the full course.

No mount scuba diving

Experienced cave sidemount divers can try no mount scuba. This is an extreme kind for self-confident people with excellent mastered techniques, who like to challenge themselves. The point of it is to pass very tight caves, where, due to the lack of large free space, the usage of side mounts or back mount is not possible. No matter that they are located not in a deep sea, it is a short but difficult journey. Here is special technic to push tanks and body throw the narrow galleries. A unique experience allows a diver to test his limits.

Why to choose Tenerife caverns?

In Canary Islands, caverns are located in very picturesque landscapes and it is a pleasure to dive in there enjoying beautiful views and stingrays swimming around. Sometimes, caves exploration goes together with spelunking. Atlantic Ocean has a huge underwater town in its depths: volcanic grottos, arcs and labyrinth and cave scuba is a chance to complete a picturesque journey. Furthermore, it gives you an opportunity to upgrade your skills and to become more professional and self-confident.

Dive into the cavern with Ola club

Ola club is happy to help all level divers to live this magical experience of deep see dive sites exploring. We are ready to assist with everything: equipment, certified instructors. We developed workshops and courses according to the worldwide standards that will help to master your skills and get all the necessary knowledge in order to practice the cave scuba diving. It is not only challenge and limits extension but also a fantastic journey. You will get new emotions and see amazing underwater world of the Atlantic Ocean. Therefore, do not doubt to choose cave diving with Ola center.

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