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Advanced Trimix Technical and Cave Diving Instructor
SDI Instructor
NASE Instructor
Trainer NSS-CDS Instructor

Teaches the following courses:
Recreational - from OWD Diver to OWD Instructor
Cave - from Cavern Diver to Full Cave Instructor
Technical - from Basic&Rescue and Intro to Tek Diver to xTek90
He is a very energetic and lively person with a proactive attitude. He is always full of vim and vigor. His positive attitude gives him an amazing ability to energise other people, giving them aspiration to achieve their goals and willing to overcome new barriers. He is fond of sports of many kinds. Andrey has travelled half way around the world and is experienced in diving in all sorts of condition and environment. He has a great experience in diving.


IT staff SDI
SDI OWD, Dry Suit, SDI Sidemount, U/W Navigation, Deep, Buoyancy.
TDI Instructor Intro to Tech, Nitrox, AN,DP, Trimix, Cavern, Intro to Cave
Tech and Cave Diving Instructor
NASE Instructor Trainer
CMAS Instructor
IANTD Instructor
Teaches the following courses:
Cave - from Cavern Diver to Full Cave Diver
Technical – from Intro to Tech to Trimix Diver
Recreational - from OWD Diver to OWD Instructor
Alla is a purposeful and energetic person. She always stays both positive and calm in any situation and seems to successfully instill these qualities to her students, which is really important when it comes to technical diving. She has a great experience of both diving and training of cave diving courses, in Mexican cenotes, caves of Mallorca and severe conditions of the Urals and North Caucasus. She has participated in various research expeditions, including the pathfinding ones. She is an active member of the research expedition team called Mares Team Russia.

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